Baldwin & Pennington

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Baldwin & Pennington
General Information
Baltimore, Maryland
Practice Type
Antecedent Firm(s)



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Project Completed Address Image
Project Completed Address Image
119 E. Baltimore Street 1904 119 E. Baltimore Street
210-214 E. Baltimore Street 1904 210-214 E. Baltimore Street
330 N. Charles Street 1905 330 N. Charles Street
Abell Warehouse 1886 7-9 N. Howard Street
Abell Warehouses 318-320 W. Baltimore Street
Annapolis Water Co. Building 1907 Route 450
Arabella Russell House 1883 1708 Park Avenue
B&O Freight House 1885
B&O Passenger Car Shop (Mt. Clare Station) 1884
B&O Railroad Station (Brosius) 1876
B&O Railroad Station (Brunswick) 1892 100 South Maple Street
B&O Railroad Station (Dickerson) 1891
B&O Railroad Station (Harpers Ferry) 1896
B&O Railroad Station (Kensington) 1891
B&O Railroad Station (Keyser) 1875
B&O Railroad Station (Laurel) 1884
B&O Railroad Station (Martinsburg) 1876
B&O Railroad Station (Morgantown) 1884
B&O Railroad Station (Mount Airy)
B&O Railroad Station (Mountain Lake Park) 1884
B&O Railroad Station (Oakland) 1885
B&O Railroad Station (Paw Paw) 1882
B&O Railroad Station (Point of Rocks) 1875
B&O Railroad Station (Quicksburg) 1892
B&O Railroad Station (Sykesville) 1884
B&O Railroad Station (West Newton) 1893
B&O Railroad Station (Weston) 1892
B&O Railroad Station and Freight House (Gaithersburg) 1884
B&O Warehouse,Camden Station 1898 S. Eutaw Street
Bosler Library 1898 158 W. High Street
Bradley Hall (Mount St. Mary’s College) 1915
C&P Railroad Station (Frostburg) 1891
Caldwell Hall (Catholic University) January 1, 1889
Cape Charles Church 1889
Carroll Park UR&E Shops 1899 Washington Boulevard
Casino, Sheppard-Pratt Hospital 1900 Towson
Chapel 1896
Chapel (Mount St. Mary's College) 1908
Charles Lanahan House 1902 1209 St. Paul Street
Church of the Blessed Sacrament 1912 Corner of Old York Road and 42nd Street
Cloud Cap, Seminary Retreat January 1, 1886
Commonwealth Bank 1898 SE corner of Howard and Madison Streets
Deer Park Cottages 1885
Edmondson Avenue Car House 1907
Episcopal Residence (Savannah) 1889 222 E. Harris Street
Farmer's National Bank 1915
Farmers & Merchants Bank 1904 NW corner of South and Lombard Streets
Fidelity Building 1894 210 N. Charles Street
First National Bank 1901 640 Frederick Road
Flynn Hall Gymnasium (Mount St. Mary's College) January 1, 1902
Gate Lodge, H.G. Dulany 1878
German Bank of Baltimore 1905 Corner of Baltimore and Holliday Streets
German Savings Bank 1900 SW corner of W. Baltimore and Eutaw Streets
Gibbons Hall Annex (College of Notre Dame) 1896
Graceland, H.G. Davis Mansion 1893
Grant Building 1912 USSH
Grindall Building 1911 SE corner of Charles and Franklin Streets
Guardian Building 1901 NW corner of Redwood and Calvert Streets
Henderson's Wharf (B&O Tobacco Warehouse) 1896 Fell Street
Homeland Station, Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad 1888 607 W. Lake Avenue
Huntingdon Avenue Car House 1882 Corner of Howard and 25th Streets
Hutzler's Palace Building 1888 218 N. Howard Street
I. McGill Walker Store 1909 334 N. Charles Street
Institute of Notre Dame January 1, 1892 Aisquith Street
Lycett Building 1906 317 N. Charles Street
Maryland Club 1890 1 E. Eager Street
Masonic Building (Fairmount) 1906 324 Jefferson St
McGovern Chapel (Mount St. Mary's College) 1906
McMahon Hall (Catholic University) 1895
McSweeney Hall (Mount St. Mary's College) Emmitsburg
Merchants National Bank 1892 SE corner of South and Water Streets
Miles White Building 1907 339-341 N. Charles Street
Mount Royal Station 1896 1400 Cathedral Street
Munsey Building 1912 SE corner of Calvert and Fayette Streets
National Bank of Commerce 1902 26 South Street
O'Neill Building 1910 NE corner of Charles and Franklin Streets
Our Lady of Good Counsel 1890 Fort Avenue
Ridgely Church 1896
Shrine of the Sacred Heart 1916 Corner of Smith Avenue and
St Wenceslaus Church and Rectory 1915 Ashland Avenue
St. Ann Church (Wilmington) 1891 2013 Gilpin Avenue
St. Ann's Parochial School 1887 NE corner of Greenmount Avenue and 22nd Street
St. Augustine's Church 1901 5976 Old Washington Rd
St. Elizabeth's School and Residence January 1, 1895 NW corner of E. Baltimore Street and Belnord Avenue
St. Gregory's Church 1885 1542 N. Gilmor Street
St. Gregory's Church Rectory 1896 1611 Baker Street
St. James Hall and School January 1, 1897 1012 Somerset St
St. John the Evangelist Church 1893
St. John's Church Rectory 1902
St. Katherine's Church 1902 Corner of E. Preston Street and Luzerne Avenue
St. Katherine's Rectory 1914 Corner of Preston Street and Luzerne Avenue
St. Leo's Church 1881 227 S. Exeter Street
St. Leo's Parochial School January 1, 1888 Corner of Stiles and Exeter Streets
St. Martin's Church Rectory 1896 N. Fulton Avenue
St. Mary's Church 1894 300 Mill Street
St. Mary's Church (Washington) 1890 727 Fifth St. NW
St. Mary's Church Rectory 1896 300 Mill Street
St. Patrick's Church 1897 NE corner of Broadway and Bank Street
St. Teresa of Avila Church 1879 Corner of 13th and V Streets SE
St. Thomas Church Rectory 1899 NW corner of Roland Avenue and 37th Street
Albert Marburg House 1893 1111 St. Paul Street
Allan McLane House 1902 1035 N. Calvert Street
B&O Railroad Station (Frederick) 1892
Baltimore Basilica 1879 409 Cathedral Street
Baltimore County Courthouse 1909 Washington Ave. between Pennsylvania and Chesapeake Aves.
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute 1911 NE corner of Calvert Street and North Avenue
C.F. Mayer House 1889 303 W. Monument Street
Charles Carroll Estate 1878
Christ Episcopal Church (Easton) 1875 111 S. Harrison Street
David Hutzler House 1897 1801 Eutaw Place
E. Stanley Gary House 1893 857 Park Avenue
Elkridge Hunt Club January 1, 1904
Eutaw Savings Bank 1909 SW corner of N. Eutaw and W. Fayette Streets
George Small House 1894 16 W. Mount Vernon Place
House of Correction January 1907
Immaculate Conception 1910
Jefferson County Court House January 1, 1878
Maryland General Hospital 1894 Linden Avenue
Maryland State House Annex January 1, 1902 State Circle
McDowell Hall (St. John's College) January 1, 1909
Mount de Sales Academy January 1, 1882 700 Academy Road
St. Aloysius Church 1875 19 I Street NW
St. John's Church 1882 Corner of Eager and Valley Streets
St. Joseph's Academy Chapel 1891
St. Mary's Church (front) 1894 310 S Royal St
St. Michael's Church 1889 NE corner of Lombard and Wolfe Streets
St. Vincent's Infant Asylum 1884
Theodore Marburg House 1896 14 W. Mount Vernon Place
Thomas Deford House 1887 8 W. Mount Vernon Place
Uplands, Robert Garrett Estate 1885