Eastern Avenue Pumping Station

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Eastern Avenue Pumping Station
Pumping Station.jpg
Site Information
Address751 Eastern Avenue
Geo-reference39°17′06″N 76°36′12″W / 39.285°N 76.60335°W / 39.285; -76.60335
Building Data
Building TypeGovernment
Architectural StyleClassical Revival
ArchitectHenry F. Brauns

The Eastern Avenue Sewage Pumping Station is a beautiful monument to the otherwise unglamorous business of public works. Built as part of the city's new sewage system, the station housed enormous steam-driven Corliss pumps capable of pumping up to 27,500,000 gallons of sewage a day[1]. In 1960, the city replaced the aging steam-driven pumps with electric turbines. The building continues to operate as a pumping station.

The building was the Baltimore Public Works Museum from 1982 to 2010. The museum will soon reopen as the Public Works Experience where visitors can learn about public works and the critical nature of infrastructure.