Fallsway Viaduct & Fountain

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Fallsway Viaduct & Fountain
Pietsch - Fallsway Fountain.jpg
Site Information
Address1168 Guilford Ave
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Type of facilityBridge
Landscape ArchitectTheodore Wells Pietsch
Opened to Public1916

There was a precursor to the Jones Falls Expressway (I-83), and that was the Fallsway Viaduct, designed by Theodore Wells Pietsch in 1912. When the Fallsway Viaduct was finished in 1916, it replaced 12 older bridges, spanning from Mount Royal Avenue to Baltimore Street. It covered Jones Falls, which had become an open sewer that was prone to flooding. The viaduct was an enormous engineering feat. Today, the Fallsway Fountain (the statue of which was done by Hans Schuler) can be seen at the offramp near Biddle Street and Guilford Avenue.

Renderings of the viaduct were published in the Baltimore Sun on June 2, 1913.

The fountain can still be seen today.

Pietsch Fallsway Fountain.jpg