Help:Add Architect

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Adding a new architect to the wiki can be done in two ways. If the architect already appears as a red link in an infobox, simply clicking on that link will take you to the form with which you can add the architect. The form is described below. If you don't know of any references to the architect in the wiki already, click on the Add Architect link on the left hand menu. That will bring up a form asking for the name of the new architect. See the architect naming section in the Style Guide for directions as to how to style the name.

This form lists the various fields associated with an architect. Enter in as many of the fields as you have data on, leaving the rest blank. Dates can have either the entire date or fragments of a date and can be flagged as approximate if necessary. Doing so ensures that "Abt:" prepends the date display on the final page.

Two fields, Portrait and Signature anticipate an uploaded file. Click on the "Upload" button and a file selection window for your machine will open, allowing you to select a local file to upload. Once uploaded, the system will execute further processing on the file to ready it for display on the final pages.

The Associated Firms field deserves some additional explanation. In it you can enter the names of firms with which the architect was associated, hitting <Enter> between each one. After doing so, the firm name will appear as sort of a button inside the field. On the final display page, each firm name will appear as a link (blue or red, depending on whether the firm page has been created or not). But each firm will have its own link, even if there are two, three or more firms listed in the field.

When you are finished entering all the data, click on the "Save page" button at the bottom and you will be returned to the page you just created.

Now you can use the Edit text link to add freeform text, images, citations, etc. to the page. Should you need to add or correct anything in the infobox, use the Edit Infobox link.