John Jacob Zink

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John Jacob Zink
General Information
June 1, 1886
Baltimore, MD
Alma Mater
Maryland Institute College of Art
Professional Accomplishments
Significant Design
Senator Theatre


John Jacob Zink was born on June 1st ,1886 in Baltimore, Maryland. He would go on to study at the Maryland Institute, today known as MICA, and graduated in 1904. Zink apprenticed with various architects such as William Hodges and Wyatt and Nolting, before making his way to New York. In New York, Zink worked with Thomas Lamb, one of the most well-known architects of movie theaters in his time, while also studying at Columbia University. Zink would go on to make a name for himself by designing movie theaters. Zink’s most known work is the art deco Senator Theatre (1939), which is still active today and a beloved landmark. Zink became a member of the Baltimore chapter of the AIA in 1921.



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