Leon Bridges' Home

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Leon Bridges' Home
Bridges Bridges Residence 1.jpg
Site Information
Address6101 Smith Ave
Geo-reference39°22′16″N 76°39′29″W / 39.37106°N 76.65808°W / 39.37106; -76.65808
Building Data
Building TypeDwelling
ArchitectLeon Bridges

Leon Bridges' home was designed by the architect himself for his family. It was finished around 1974. The overall design was likely influenced by houses typical of the Pacific Northwest, including lots of wood, windows, and soaring lines. Bridges had just moved with his family from Seattle to Baltimore when he started designing it, and he likely chose this location and design as a warm reminder of the place where he started his family and career. The house was covered in the St. Petersburg Times in 1885: “‘It’s a grand feeling to see your creation come about,’ Bridges said. ‘When we were building this house we were here all the time, and I did some of the actual work, putting down the floors, putting up some of the structure…That’s me in there. That’s my good point or my mistake. I did it.’”

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