Mt. Washington Hall

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Mt. Washington Hall
Site Information
Addresscorner of South Road and Greeley Avenue, Mt. Washington
Geo-reference39°21′59″N 76°39′06″W / 39.36638°N 76.65154°W / 39.36638; -76.65154
OwnerMt. Washington Club
Building Data
Building TypeInstitutional
Architectural StyleEclectic
ArchitectJ. Appleton Wilson
Architecture FirmWilson & Wilson
Start Date1884
RazedAbt: 1960

Founded as a railroad suburb of Baltimore in 1856, Mt. Washington was slow to get traction but finally began to grow as a summer suburb in the 1880s, after the Pennsylvania Railroad had acquired the Northern Central and Wilson's client George Wilkins had introduced cheap commuter tickets.

The Mount Washington Club was the center of community life, both during Mount Washington's period as a summer colony and, after 1900, when it began to become a year-round neighborhood. The club's lacrosse team, the Wolfpack, was often the best team in the country, and Mount Washington came to be known as "the cradle of lacrosse."

J. Appleton Wilson's list of Executed Projects No. 125. Also called Mount Washington Casino (by Wilson and others.) Wilson Collection photo 3.29 (4 views, dated April 19, 1886.)