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Wilson & Wilson
General Information
Baltimore, Maryland
TimespanAbt: 1876-Abt: 1921
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About the Firm

Founded in 1876 or 1877, Wilson & Wilson is best known today for houses in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, including the B.F. Newcomer house at 1211 St. Paul Street and sixteen houses in Belvidere Terrace, on the east side of the 1000 block of Calvert Street, probably the best block of Queen Anne houses in the United States. But city houses were only part of their practice. They pursued many kinds of projects and frequently got them: railroad stations, country houses, churches for various denominations, warehouses, a surviving factory at Howard and 26th Street, and the Baltimore Stock Exchange. They designed buildings in several states. Their work was explosively creative in their early years, from 1876 until about 1884, then tended to quiet down. The firm remained small, with two partners and at most a few draftsmen.

They did some of their best work for speculative builders, particularly A.L. Gorter and George Blake. Their six houses for Gorter at 1116-22 Calvert Street, built in 1890, are the first Georgian Revival houses known in Baltimore. They designed relatively few buildings in downtown Baltimore and suffered few losses in the Baltimore Fire of 1904. The Northern Central Railroad was a major client in the firm’s early years.

The firm’s two partners, J. Appleton Wilson and William T. Wilson, were second cousins, members of a large Baltimore family that had been rich for four generations. We know an extraordinary amount about J. Appleton Wilson, a meticulous man who kept both an office log and a private diary and made two longhand project lists -- all preserved in the library of the Maryland Center for History and Culture. We know much less about his partner, whom he called Tim, both because Tim’s records have not been found and because Appleton’s ample office records hardly mention him. Appleton photographed hundreds of their buildings, a remarkable resource. His photos are also in the Maryland Center for History and Culture. Much of his writing remains unread.

Appleton’s records thin out in the 1890s, and it is hard to tell how active the firm was from then on. Tim Wilson died in 1907, and the office last appeared in the City Directory of 1921. Appleton Wilson died in 1927, leaving a daughter who died unmarried in 1955.

Together with J.B. Noel Wyatt, born like Appleton Wilson in 1851, the Wilsons were the first well-born professional architects in Baltimore’s history.  Appleton Wilson studied for a year at MIT’s School of Architecture, apparently the first Baltimore architect to do so.  It would be interesting to know if one or both of the Wilsons had any influence on Douglas Thomas, the great patrician architect of the next generation, who grew up across the street from Appleton Wilson and a block away from Tim Wilson.



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Project Completed Address Image
Project Completed Address Image
1003 North Calvert Street 1880 1003 North Calvert Street
1005 North Calvert Street 1880 1005 North Calvert Street
1007 North Calvert Street 1880 1007 North Calvert Street
1009 North Calvert Street 1880 1009 North Calvert Street
1011 North Calvert Street 1880 1011 North Calvert Street
1013 North Calvert Street 1880 1013 North Calvert Street
1015 North Calvert Street 1880 1015 North Calvert Street
1017 North Calvert Street 1880 1017 North Calvert Street
1019 North Calvert Street 1880 1019 North Calvert Street
1021 North Calvert Street 1880 1021 North Calvert Street
1023 North Calvert Street 1880 1023 North Calvert Street
1025 North Calvert Street 1880 1025 North Calvert Street
1027 North Calvert Street 1880 1027 North Calvert Street
1029 North Calvert Street 1880 1029 North Calvert Street
1035 North Calvert Street 1879 1035 North Calvert Street
Calvert 1035 and 1037.jpg
1037 North Calvert Street 1879 1037 North Calvert Street
1122 North Calvert Street 1890 1122 N. Calvert Street
12 East Lafayette Avenue 1884 12 East Lafayette Avenue
1201 John Street 1880 1201 John Street
1203 John Street 1880 1203 John Street
1205 John Street 1205 John Street
1207 John Street 1207 John Street
1209 John Street 1209 John Street
1211 John Street 1880 1211 John Street
1213 John Street 1880 1213 John Street
1215 John Street 1880 1215 John Stret
1217 John Street 1880 1217 John Street
John Street 1217.jpg
14 East Lafayette Avenue 1884 14 East Lafayette Avenue
16 East Lafayette Avenue 1884 16 East Lafayette Avenue
18 East Lafayette Avenue 1886 18 East Lafayette Avenue
20 East Lafayette Avenue 1886 20 East Lafayette Avenue
2538 Madison Avenue 1883 2538 Madison Avenue
2540 Madison Avenue 1883 2540 Madison Avenue
2542 Madison Avenue 1883 2542 Madison Avenue
2544 Madison Avenue 1883 2544 Madison Avenue
2546 Madison Avenue 1883 2546 Madison Avenue
2548 Madison Avenue 1883 2548 Madison Avenue
2550 Madison Avenue 1883 2550 Madison Avenue
2554 Madison Avenue 2554 Madison Avenue
2556 Madison Avenue 1883 2552 Madison Avenue
B.F. Newcomer house 1883 1211 St. Paul Street
John Appleton Wilson - B.F. Newcomer Residence @ 1211 St. Paul St. - Google Map Street View.JPG
Baggage Room Washington DC 1882
Baltimore Stock Exchange 210 East Redwood Street
Berryville Baptist Church 1884 114 Academy Street
Wilson Berryville-Baptist-Church-1885.jpeg
Calvary Colored Baptist Church 1884 Corner of Park Avenue and Howard Street
Charles Rous house 1884 104 W Biddle Street
John Appleton Wilson - Charles Rous Residence @ 104 W. Biddle St.JPG
Church at Kilmarnock Lancaster County Va 1879
Coffee Warehouse Thames Street 1879 902 South Bond Street
Cottage at Lake George for A.G. Davis 1884
Cottage for G.C. Wilkins near Rider's NCRR 1879
Country house for Lawrence Turnbull 1884 La Paix Lane
Wilson La Paix.jpeg
Country House for William T. Wilson 1884
F. M. Colston House 1880 1016 St. Paul Street
Female House of Refuge 1882 700 Baker Street
First Colored Baptist Church 1880 527 North Caroline Street
Wilson First Colored Baptist Church.jpeg
Franklin Square Baptist Church 1880 100 North Calhoun Street
G.C. Wilkins House 1877 100 E. Biddle Street
Gustav Lurman house Catonsville
Houses for Lawrence Turnbull Lanvale Street 1884 12-20 East Lafayette Avenue
J. Boykin Lee House 1880 1400 North Charles Street
L.L. Conrad Stable 4 East Madison Street
L.P. Haslup Carriage Warehouse 1879 1420 West Baltimore Street
Leesburg Baptist Church 1884
Mt. Washington Hall 1884 corner of South Road and Greeley Avenue, Mt. Washington
No. 4 Engine House BCFD 210 East Lexington Street
Roller Skating Rink for S.T. Clark 1878 Biddle Street near Charles
Rolller Skating Rink for S.T. Clark Mulberry and Republican 1879 Mulberry Street and Carrollton Avenue
Shelter House at Grantley 1882
Stable for Gustav Lurman 1884
Stable for J. Parker Veasey 1883 near Catonsville
Station at Suffolk Virginia S&R RR 1884
Wilson - Suffolk Va Station.jpeg
Station Buildings at Garrison's Lane 1883 Garrison's Lane
Station Buildings at Navy Yard 1883 Washington Navy Yard
Two houses for Geo. A. Blake 1884 10-12 West Biddle Street
Warehouse for H.C. Smyser 1883 Saratoga Street near Gay
Wilson, William T. House 1877 1129 St. Paul Street
224 North Calvert Street store front and alterations 1878 224 North Calvert Street
Addition to Mr. Wilkins' Cottage Sherwood NCR 1884
Alterations and Additions to 24 N. Charles Street 1884 24 North Charles Street
Alterations for Bowie Station July 1879
Alterations for J. Wilson Brown near Waverly 1884
Brown and Loundes Offices - interior fittings 1881 210 East Redwood Street
Doorway for 15 West Biddle Street 1883 15 W. Biddle
Drawings for dining room & conservatory & interior fittings 1883 4545 North Charles street
Drawings for two bath rooms for T.H. Garrett Esq. 1883 4545 North Charles Street
E.N. Morison house 1884
Evergreen House 1883 4545 North Charles Street
House for Prof. J. Wallis Blair 1884
Huntington alterations 1879
Mrs. S.C. Brown's Country House 1883 near Govanstown
St. Barnabas Church 1884 Biddle Street and Argyle Avenue
William B. Wilson house 1883 1117 North Charles Street