Berryville Baptist Church

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Berryville Baptist Church
Wilson Berryville-Baptist-Church-1885.jpeg
Site Information
Address114 Academy Street
Berryville, Virginia
Geo-reference39°09′11″N 77°58′56″W / 39.15297°N 77.98213°W / 39.15297; -77.98213
OwnerBerryville Baptist Church
Building Data
Building TypeChurch
Number of Floors2
ArchitectJ. Appleton Wilson
Architecture FirmWilson and Wilson
Start Date1884
CompletedAbt: 1884

No. 134 on J. Appleton Wilson's list of Executed Projects, with note "drawings & c. in full." Building survives and serves its original purpose. Church website says the building was completed in 1884. Some similarities to Wilson & Wilson's First Colored Baptist Church in Baltimore, which also appears uner the year 1884 on Wilson's list.