Charles Rous house

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Charles Rous house
John Appleton Wilson - Charles Rous Residence @ 104 W. Biddle St.JPG
Site Information
Address104 W Biddle Street
Geo-reference39°18′13″N 76°37′06″W / 39.30351°N 76.61823°W / 39.30351; -76.61823
OwnerCharles Rous
Building Data
Building TypeDwelling
Architectural StyleRomanesque
Number of Floors3
ArchitectJ. Appleton Wilson
Architecture FirmWilson & Wilson
Start Date1883
CompletedAbt: 1884

A spectacularly exuberant piece of work. Once described as "a Hawaiian Pizza," meaning that it had more things on it than one would normally think of. Extant and in brilliant condition (2022.) It was mentioned in J. Appleton Wilson's obituary in 1927. Since an over-the-top Romanesque house of the 1880s would have been miles out of fashion by 1927, this must indicate that Wilson himself thought of it as one of his important productions.

Sources: J. Appleton Wilson's list of Executed Projects No. 106 ("Drawings in full for house of Chas. Rous); Wilson Collection photo 3.35 (two views); mentioned in J. Appleton Wilson's obituary.