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|ren_architect=J. Appleton Wilson
|ren_architect=J. Appleton Wilson
|ren_firm=Wilson and Wilson
|ren_firm=Wilson & Wilson

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E.N. Morison house
Site Information
Ilchester, Maryland
Geo-reference39°12′54″N 76°46′05″W / 39.21489°N 76.76806°W / 39.21489; -76.76806
OwnerE,.N. Morison
Building Data
Building TypeDwellings
ArchitectJ. Appleton Wilson
FirmWilson & Wilson

No. 107 on J. Appleton's Wilson's list of Executed Projects. Wilson titles it "Alterations and additions for E.N. Morison nr. Ilchester.) Apparently a year-round residence for a man with a downtown office. The 1888 City Directory (Baltimore) confirms "Howard County" as Morison's address.

Source: J. Appleton Wilson's list of Executed Projects No. 107.