Stable for J. Parker Veasey

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Stable for J. Parker Veasey
Site Information
Addressnear Catonsville
Geo-reference39°16′19″N 76°43′55″W / 39.27205°N 76.73185°W / 39.27205; -76.73185
OwnerJ. Parker Veasey
Building Data
Building TypeDwelling
Architectural StyleShingle style
ArchitectJ. Appleton Wilson
Architecture FirmWilson and Wilson
Start Date1883
CompletedAbt: 1883

No. 116 on J. Appleton Wilson's list of Executed Projects: "Stable for J. Parker Veaseq, near Catonsville." Wilson Collection Photo 3.112 says "beyond Catonsville" and shows a lovely building in a disciplined shingle style.

J. Parker Veasey was a close associate of the McKims and was intimately involved in the development of both sides of Belvidere Terrace.