Warehouse for H.C. Smyser

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Warehouse for H.C. Smyser
Site Information
AddressSaratoga Street near Gay
OwnerH.C. Smyser
Building Data
Building TypeCommercial
ArchitectJ. Appleton Wilson
Architecture FirmWilson & Wilson
Start Date1883
CompletedAbt: 1883
RazedAbt: ?

H.C. Smyser was a builder for whom Wilson & Wilson did a good deal of row house work. Smyser built Wilson & Wilson's house for Mrs. McKim at 1035 North Calvert Street, the model house for Belvidere Terrace, and may have built the east side of Belvidere Terrace itself.

Here it is likely that Smyser was developing and building a commercial building. The word "warehouse" in the 1880s still meant a building for the storage and display of wares. If a contractor had built a building for his own use, he would probably have used the words "yard" and/or "office," depending on the kind of building.

Source: J. Appleton Wilson's list of Executed Projects No. 111. "H.C. Smyser - warehouse. Saratoga near Gay"