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Interior of the Peabody Library, Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore. Designed by Edmund Lind. Built 1874-78.

On this site, you can find information about buildings, architects, builders, and planned landscapes. You can find the work of Baltimore designers inside and outside Baltimore and the work of out-of-town designers in Baltimore.

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You can get access to information on this site in several ways.

  • You can use the map below to find individual structures and designed places. Click on any pin to be taken to the page for that building.
  • You can get a great deal of information by clicking on one of the DAS Categories on the left side of this page.
  • You can search for other information by clicking on the Search DAS Wiki box at the top of this page and typing in what you know.

Using the Search DAS Wiki box:

  • Example 1: Suppose you know the address of a building and want to know more about it. You should click on the Search DAS Wiki box above and enter the address.
  • Example 2: Suppose you want to know which landscape architects designed Wyman Park. You should type Wyman Park in the Search DAS Wiki box above.

Or, you could use the direct searching capabilities of the system, like the following:

  • Example 3: Suppose you want to see the list of all buildings built in 1868. You should type 1868 on this page.
  • Example 4: Suppose you want to know the names of all the architects who designed buildings on Calvert Street. You should type Calvert on this page.
  • Example 5: Suppose you want to know which buildings in Norfolk, Virginia were designed by Baltimore architects. You should type Norfolk in the city field on this page.

(We have a Miscellaneous Searches page as well.)

This website is entirely the work of volunteers, proud members of the Dead Architects Society. You can help too! If you would like to add information, pictures, plans, or anything else -- or correct mis-information, get in touch with the Baltimore Architecture Foundation.

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