Wilson, William T. House

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Wilson, William T. House
Site Information
Address1129 St. Paul Street
Geo-reference39°18′12″N 76°36′51″W / 39.30338°N 76.61417°W / 39.30338; -76.61417
OwnerWilliam T. Wilson
Building Data
Building TypeDwelling
Architectural StyleHigh Victorian Gothic
Floor Area6040
Number of Floors3
ArchitectWilson & Wilson

William T. Wilson and his second cousin, J. Appleton Wilson, formed the firm of Wilson & Wilson in 1876 and immediately produced this house, in which William T. Wilson lived until his death in 1907, renovating it substantially at the turn of the century for the debut of his daughter. Together with the George C. Wilkins house, designed by Wilson & Wilson at the same time and built directly across Biddle Street at 100 E. Biddle, this house forms one of Baltimore's few Gothic corners. It is possible that these two houses were the first corner houses in Baltimore's history to have their entrances on the long side and to treat the long side architecturally. High Victorian Gothic houses are rare in Baltimore. Most are found within a block or two of this one.

Source: #23 on J. Appleton Wilson's list of Executed Projects at the Maryland Center for History and Culture