L.L. Conrad Stable

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L.L. Conrad Stable
Site Information
Address4 East Madison Street
Geo-reference39°17′56″N 76°36′55″W / 39.29889°N 76.61523°W / 39.29889; -76.61523
OwnerL.L. Conrad
Building Data
Building TypeDwelling
ArchitectJ. Appleton Wilson
Architecture FirmWilson & Wilson
Groundbreaking DateAbt: 1880
Topped Out DateAbt: 1880

Source: J. Appleton Wilson's list of Executed Proejcts, No. 82. Wilson's handwriting is hard to read on this entry; the address is either 14 or 74 West Madison Street in the pre-1887 numbering system, either 14 W Madison or 4 E Madison in the current numbering system.